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Edmonton, AB

Tel: 1.780.621.6200



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About me

My name is Patricia Stables.

I come from a small town in Alberta, you may or may not have heard of. I now reside just outside the big city of Edmonton, Alberta, to continue to pursue my photography dream. I am a extreme extrovert, lover of all things beauty, fashion, and fitness.

Now my typical, 'how it all started' rant...It all started when I got a small point and shoot for Christmas back in junior high. My bestfriend and I took that thing out almost everyday after school, making videos and dressing up for photoshoots. A tripod and picmonkey was our bestfriend. I loved taking photos of my bestfriend and editing the photos to add a creative flare. 2011 was the year my "career" kickstarted when I was asked to take photos for my cousins' friend who was graduating. I borrowed my dads' SLR and from there I fell in love with the ability to capture someones personality; watch their reaction as they get to see the final images unveiled. I love finding the beauty in everyone. Sometimes its a change of perspective, sometimes its a change of lighting, and sometimes you need nothing at all to capture the true essence of somebody’s elegance. It's my favorite feeling in the world.



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